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Adjustable Steel Props

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We provide an ideal and economical method of support for all kinds of infrastructure needs like slabs, beams, walls and columns. Props have a wide variety of applications in general building construction and repair work. A prop speeds up projects reducing completion time & safe to labour.

  • These are made of M.S., H.R., C.R. steels.
  • The total assembly consists of inner prop, outer prop, locking, locking nut and flat plates.
  • Inner tube is of 40 mm ID and 48.3 mm OD.
  • Outer tube is of 50 mm ID and 60.3 mm OD.
  • Holes of 14 mm diameter are made in inner prop at a constant distance of 150 mm.
  • Outer prop is threaded from top up to 300 mm.
  • Inner tube is free to move telescopically inside outer prop. It can be fixed at any distance as per requirement with the help of slots.
  • The high tensile locking pin is located through a slot in the outer section and a hole on the inner section for coarse adjustment.
  • A self cleaning device on the collar nut, which automatically clears the thread of concrete, and dirt where the nut is rotated.
  • Base plates and head plates are holed for use with slab form work.
  • TPI ACME square thread ensure load bearing strength at this critical point.
  • Beam type of U head props are customer's requirement.
  • Inner tube is braced in both directions.

Adjustable Props Minimum Characteristics Strength

Size Closed Height Extended Height Load Closed At Load Extended At App Wt
0 M 1.00 1 .75 3500 KG 3000 KG 11.1 KG
1 M 1.50 2.75 3200 KG 2300 KG 15.1 KG
2 M 2.00 3.25 3000 KG 2200 KG 16.8 KG
3 M 2.00 3.75 2900 KG 2000 KG 19.1 KG
4 M 3.00 4.65 2300 KG 1150 KG 22.5 KG

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